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core data

  • Specimen Data
  • Pathological Data
  • Tomographic Data
  • Microscopic Data

Making Data Eternal, Enabling Life to Assist Life

Restoring Real-life Data, Laying the Foundation for Digital Medicine

We use digital technology to restore a vast amount of life data, allowing life to be preserved indefinitely and serving the public in fields and application platforms such as basic medicine, clinical medicine, medical simulation, and sports health.

  • Specimen Data
  • Pathological Data
  • Tomographic Data
  • Microscopic Data

virtual human

  • | Medical Virtual Humans |
  • | Sports Virtual Humans |
  • | Skills Virtual Humans |
  • | Professional Virtual Humans |

Serving Real Life with Virtual Life

  • | Medical Virtual Humans |
  • | Sports Virtual Humans |
  • | Skills Virtual Humans |
  • | Professional Virtual Humans |

Fundamental Medical Education

Virtual Life Vision - Visible Medical Knowledge

We reorganize data into visible life, transforming databases into knowledge repositories.

The BK HUMAN Life Visualization Generation Platform includes tens of thousands of visible human body tissues, directly generating millions of human visual combinations in the form of images, videos, interactive multimedia, and virtual reality to serve publishing, education, and popular science fields.

  • Educational Publishing
  • Medical Education
  • Science Exhibitions
  • Life Science Education

Clinical medical vision

Elevate & Redefine CT Imaging Visual Dimensions

Empowers Medical Imaging to IMAX Level

BK IMAGING is a clinical medical imaging visual platform developed over many years by numerous medical experts, visual artists, and computer graphics and image experts. The platform can quickly generate realistic clinical data images and directly import them into XR devices for consultation and surgical planning.

  • Doctor-Patient Communication
  • Preoperative Consultation
  • Intraoperative Navigation
  • Medical Research


Interpreting Modern Medical Technology with Digital Twin Technology

Virtual Medical Equipment Empowers Medical Training Through Virtual Reality Simulation

BK DIGITAL TWIN is a medical simulation digital twin application platform based on digital twins, real-time rendering, virtual simulation, and virtual reality technology. By coordinating with virtual humans and virtual doctors, it provides visual, operational, training, and educational applications in various scenarios.

  • Product Showcase
  • Product Releases
  • Digital Simulation
  • Teaching Simulations

fitness & health

Replicate Life Behaviors - Sports, Health, Behaviors, Skills

BK MOTION Ensures Everyone Has Their Own Personal Trainer
  • Sports
  • Fitness
  • Yoga
  • Dance
  • KongFu
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Medicine
  • Characters


2016 Established - restoring basic life data.

2018 Applications - application architectures in various fields.

2019 BK HUMAN - Medical Visualization Generation Platform.

2021 BK IMAGING - Clinical Medical Imaging Platform.

2022 BK DIGITAL TWIN - Instruments Twin Platform.

2022 BK POSE - behavior and body posture data.

2022 BK MOTION - body motion data generation platform.

2023 Platforms completed, official website launched.

our videos

EP1 : Origin

EP2 : Ego

EP3 : Transformation

EP4 : Northern Sea

EP5 : Motion

EP6 : Skull

our missions & values

We intend to not only go further than anyone has gone before us

But as far as we think it is possible For a man to go

We intend to not only go further than anyone has gone before us but as far as we think it is possible for a man to go

Driven by dreams, we venture out, knowing that in this world, endeavors that benefit others are worth pursuing with all our might

We surpass ourselves to achieve the heights we aspire to, striving for ultimate excellence in empowering the medical and health industry

We use digital visual technology to help people gain knowledge, conveying skills through visual experiences

ONE FOR ALL,ALL FOR ONE,we serve medicine, and medicine serves all living beings

Byker Bioltechnology empowers modern medical technology with digital technology

our partners

Service / Cooperation / Feedback

Basic Medicine

Publishing institutions, medical education institutions, medical colleges, medical science popularization institutions, life visualization, and related health communication industries. Services: Data cooperation, textbook publishing, content services, new-form textbooks collaboration, health science popularization content co-creation, life visualization image library, virtual reality medical content, life science museum design and digital content, medical film and television, and metaverse content collaboration.

Clinical Medicine

Medical imaging institutions, medical imaging equipment manufacturers, medical imaging research training, and related research institutions. Services: Medical imaging cloud platform, clinical medical imaging data processing, clinical medical imaging virtual reality applications, virtual reality remote consultation system, and medical imaging algorithm research and cooperation.

Medical Simulation

Medical equipment manufacturers, medical standardization training institutions, medical education institutions, digital medical simulation content for imaging and nursing. Services: Medical product digital twins, visual enhancement, display content, digital simulation, physician training, virtual reality standard education applications, and related platform development.

Sports Health

Sports organizations, sports associations, fitness and health, physical arts, rehabilitation, sports equipment manufacturers, motion capture gaming industry. Services: Industry virtual human and professional virtual human IP, digital collection center design and creation, standardized posture library platform content creation, sports body virtual reality applications and standardized teaching content, behavior posture skill center design and standardized database co-creation.

Partnership Intention

Byker Biotechnology was founded with the intent to bring knowledge and health to people. We aim to assist partners in the field of medicine and health through digital visualization. Whether you are an individual, group, or institution related to these fields, we are eager to communicate with you and explore how we can contribute to the cause of human medical and health care.
Bringing health to humanity is an undoubtedly exciting endeavor, and we look forward to communicating and collaborating with you.

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