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imaging platform

Redefining Visual Standards in Clinical Imaging

The revolution in clinical visual, a clearer insight into patients.

BK IMAGING - the medical imaging generation platform developed by Byker Biotechnology, has brought together numerous medical experts, visual artists, and computer graphics specialists who have spent years exploring digital tomographic data and researching human anatomy. This platform represents a groundbreaking development in clinical medical imaging.

Byker Biotechnology has redefined the visual standards for clinical medical imaging. Through fundamental enhancements to the underlying technology and the incorporation of automatic recognition and cloud technologies, doctors worldwide can efficiently process clinical data and instantly generate lifelike clinical imaging materials using the BK IMAGING platform. These data results can be seamlessly imported into XR (Extended Reality) virtual reality devices for expert consultations and the development of surgical plans with just one click.

clinical imaging

Image Enhancement for Clearer CT Clinical Images

Multi-dimensional Reconstruction, Layer Comparison, Thousands of Materials, Intelligent Matching
Beyond the Human Eye for Realistic Effects Beyond Reality

fields of applications

Clearer Patient Data for More Efficient Communication

Visualize patient's condition and treatment plan

Preoperative consultation and surgical route planning

Cloud-based model allows experts worldwide to participate in real-time consultations

MR empowers intraoperative navigation with precise surgical registration

Retrieve preoperative data to guide surgeons during surgery

Preserve and share classic medical cases, promote medical research

Experts share rare and challenging medical cases to accelerate medical research

Reproduce classic medical cases, educate and disseminate treatment experience

Enrich classic medical cases and data for medical education and training

platforms supports

Supported by BK IMAGING Online Cloud Platform
App Support (PAD)
WeChat Support
VR Device Support
MR Device Support

Cloud Platform / Lightweight Terminals

Cloud platform service model, no need to install any software, edit and access anytime,anywhere

Lightweight terminals support various application scenarios and virtual reality device access

training platform

Byker Virtual Surgery Simulation Platform

Seamless integration with Byker Virtual Surgery Platform, easy data loading for preoperative planning and simulation

Physical Simulation / Physical Collision / Instrument Twinning / Process Recognition / Gesture Recognition / Multi-user Collaboration

Service / Cooperation / Feedback

Basic Medicine

Publishing institutions, medical education institutions, medical colleges, medical science popularization institutions, life visualization, and related health communication industries. Services: Data cooperation, textbook publishing, content services, new-form textbooks collaboration, health science popularization content co-creation, life visualization image library, virtual reality medical content, life science museum design and digital content, medical film and television, and metaverse content collaboration.

Clinical Medicine

Medical imaging institutions, medical imaging equipment manufacturers, medical imaging research training, and related research institutions. Services: Medical imaging cloud platform, clinical medical imaging data processing, clinical medical imaging virtual reality applications, virtual reality remote consultation system, and medical imaging algorithm research and cooperation.

Medical Simulation

Medical equipment manufacturers, medical standardization training institutions, medical education institutions, digital medical simulation content for imaging and nursing. Services: Medical product digital twins, visual enhancement, display content, digital simulation, physician training, virtual reality standard education applications, and related platform development.

Sports Health

Sports organizations, sports associations, fitness and health, physical arts, rehabilitation, sports equipment manufacturers, motion capture gaming industry. Services: Industry virtual human and professional virtual human IP, digital collection center design and creation, standardized posture library platform content creation, sports body virtual reality applications and standardized teaching content, behavior posture skill center design and standardized database co-creation.

Partnership Intention

Byker Biotechnology was founded with the intent to bring knowledge and health to people. We aim to assist partners in the field of medicine and health through digital visualization. Whether you are an individual, group, or institution related to these fields, we are eager to communicate with you and explore how we can contribute to the cause of human medical and health care.
Bringing health to humanity is an undoubtedly exciting endeavor, and we look forward to communicating and collaborating with you.

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